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Clementon resident Meg Adams shares her psychic gift

Psychic experience

Candles and incense, a small crystal ball on a chain, and my car keys?

What could she possibly be able to learn about me by holding my car keys?

After a minute or so of jingling my keys in her hands, psychic Meg Adams looked at me and said, “You’re mind is in a million different directions, isn’t it? You have a lot going on.”

What could I say? She was spot on.

Adams, who has experienced psychic abilities since she was 5 years old, figured me out in just minutes. By simply holding my car keys?

While she was inspecting my keys, I was shuffling a 52-card poker deck — just the normal kind with kings, queens, jacks and the normal suits.

“Give me the first 21 cards,” she instructed me.

I obliged.

She took those 21 random cards and began to lay them out in an overlapping row.

Once the 21 cards were arranged, she began to study them.

What I saw as merely a bad poker hand and no matches for a Rummy win, Adams saw as “a story” and began to ask me about people in my life. Real people.

She asked for 10 more cards and laid them out in a similar fashion.

Next, she asked if I or someone I live with is having health problems. Without getting too personal, I learned something about myself at a doctor’s appointment earlier that day. She knew about it.

I gave her the next 10 cards, and finally the last 10, but kept the very last card in my hand.

She told me there will be a change with my job which will bring me more money, I will go on a fun trip in July and, overall, my cards “looked good.”

“Okay, let me have the last card,” she said.

Her face suddenly went very serious.

“You recently had an argument, didn’t you?”

“Yes,” I responded.

“It was very emotional, wasn’t it,” she asked.

“Yes,” I said.

She placed that card off to the side.

“The last card doesn’t count,” she said, explaining she always discards the last in the deck. “That argument is over. It’s gone.”

A weight was lifted off my shoulders.

And overall, my first psychic reading was an amazing experience.

Psychic discovery

When Clementon resident Meg Adams was only 5 years old, she took a stumble and “fell down like any child does.”

Meg Psychic.jpgView full sizeMeg Adams

Unfortunately, her scraped knee was not medically treated as it should have been, and the small girl became very sick.

“I had a terrible stiff neck on the left side and a fever of 106,” Adams said. “One day the doctor came into my bedroom, wrapped me up in blankets and said I needed to go straight to the hospital.”

After many tests, Adams was diagnosed with Septicemia — blood poisoning.

“They were going to cut my leg off above the knee,” Adams said.

She said the nurses had “drawn” a line above her infected knee with an orange liquid and taken her to the operating room where the last thing she remembers is a doctor holding a needle.

“I woke up with both my legs,” she said. “The doctor had said he would rather me die then lose my leg.”

Adams continued to fight the infection.

“Every night a nurse would come in and read to me, then give me a needle and I would go to sleep,” she said. “One morning, I didn’t wake up.”

That’s when Adams slipped into a four-day coma.

“When I woke up, I realized I looked at people differently,” she said. “I looked at adults like I was an adult myself. I could understand them better.”

Eventually, Adams began knowing what people were going to say before they said it, finishing people’s sentences and recognizing locations where she had never visited.

However, being only a small child, Adams was accused of lying and making things up.

“So I started to keep it to myself,” she said.

Several years later, Adams began seeing a psychic herself. This psychic encouraged Adams to sharpen her own psychic skills and taught her to read cards.

That was 35 years ago, and Adams has been reading people, predicting their futures and helping them ever since.

Psychic events

“A lot of people say I’m crazy,” she said of reactions she has gotten after telling some people what she sees in their future.

While reading one particular woman, Adams told her client she saw her “in her own home within a couple months.”

“She said I was crazy, that there was no way that would ever happen,” Adams remembered.

Approximately two months later, this same woman called her from her own home — the building Adams had described right down to the stepping stones leading from the front porch to the street.

“Meg is a remarkable woman,” said Washington Township resident Peg Bradford, friend and client of Adams. “The first time she did a reading for me, she was right on, and has been ever since. She takes her ability very seriously and utilizes it to help and make a difference in people’s lives however she can.”

Adams has been a guest at events such as the Drexel University Health Fair, does private readings and also does multiple readings in a house-party setting.

“When she does a house party, there is so much energy and people are excited,” Bradford said. “If people want, after she reads everyone, Meg will go and sit down with everyone. She’s fun to be around, but also very smart and interesting to listen to.”

During one house party, a client told Adams she thought her house was haunted.

“She said ‘every night at 2 or 3 in the morning, my dog wakes up and howls at something up near the ceiling,’” Adams remembered the woman saying.

The psychic asked for the woman’s car keys and said she got no feeling of a haunting at the house.

However, when she described the animal she thought to be the woman’s dog, she figured out the mystery.

“I described her dog as about waist high when sitting, with reddish fur, floppy ears and about 2 years old,” Adams said. “The woman said that wasn’t her dog. Her dog was a Chihuahua.”

But the dog Adams was describing wasn’t a stranger to the client.

“We used to have an Irish Setter who died when she was just about 2 years old,” the client told Adams.

Adams said the client’s previous pet was still present in the home, and was simply trying to get the new dog’s attention.

“I love my gift,” Adams said. “I really love my work.”

And before every reading, Adams says a prayer asking for her “spirit guides” to provide her with the information she needs to tell her client, and to be protected by pure white light during the process.

Adams uses several practices including cards, dream interpretation, psychometry, clairvoyance, photo readings and seances.

For more information, call 856-435-6041 or visit

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